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Teeth Whitening Virginia Beach, VA

Tooth whitening is a fast, effective and affordable cosmetic dentistry treatment. It is one of the most popular offerings in our Virginia Beach dental office. We offer in-office whitening, at home treatment, or a combination of the two. Dr. Moses will help you select which type of treatment is best to whiten your teeth. If your teeth do not respond to professional teeth whitening, Dr. Moses offers porcelain veneers.

In our Virginia Beach dental office, we use carefully selected professional tooth whitening products that deliver the best results with minimal sensitivity to teeth and gums.

In Office Tooth Whitening

If you’re looking to “boost” your whitening efforts with immediate results, in office procedures are the best choice. Our chairside tooth whitening treatment takes about an hour and will give you a foundation for your at home whitening efforts.

In office tooth whitening is great for:

  • Special occasions
  • Job interviews
  • Graduation
  • Weddings

At Home Tooth Whitening

At home treatment is very convenient and affordable. Dr. Moses will create a custom fit whitening tray that fits precisely over your teeth and gums. Special whitening gel is evenly distributed without causing damage to your gums or tooth enamel.

Generally, at home tooth whitening treatment up to 6 weeks. Tray are worn during the day or overnight, for a set amount of time.

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Are you looking for a dentist that offers teeth whitening in the Chesapeake, VA and Virginia Beach area? Practically anyone can benefit from professional teeth whitening treatment. Having a whiter, brighter smile can boost your confidence, make you more attractive, and give you a younger appearance. Dr. Moses commonly uses teeth whitening in combination with other cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry procedures to complete a transformation.

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