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Dental Services in Virginia Beach, VA

The dentists at Coastal General Dentistry offer comprehensive dental services to prevent further oral health issues. Our dentistry puts priority on preventative dental care, including examinations, cleanings, and checkups. In addition, we provide fluoride treatments, dental fillings, and other oral health treatments.

Dr. Cappy Sinclair, Dr. Mark Reichley, and our dental team dedicate each day to providing high-quality treatments for all our patients. Continue reading to discover more about each of our dental services in our Virginia Beach, VA dental office.

General dentistry in Virginia Beach VA

Dental Services at Coastal General Dentistry

At our dental practice, we don’t just provide routine examinations and cleanings. We provide a full menu of treatments that will keep your mouth happy for years. Each patient receives personalized attention and the most appropriate recommendations for their specific oral health needs. Our dental services include custom mouthguards, teeth cleanings, fillings, root canals, dental sedation, tooth extractions and more.

Custom Mouthguard

We offer custom sports mouthguards that will easily conform to the natural contours of your smile. Unlike store-bought mouthguards, our professionally-made mouthguards fit snuggly in your mouth. Patients with store-bought mouthguards may need to clench their teeth to keep them in place.

Custom-made mouthguards stay put and fully protect teeth from injuries and tooth loss. To learn about our mouthguard services, visit Custom mouthguard.

Dental Cleanings

We provide dental cleanings to remove harmful bacteria from your mouth at routine appointments. Plaque and tartar, also known as calculus, can build up in hard-to-reach spaces. Our dental hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth and minimize harmful bacteria by using special dental tools.

Cleanings can also prevent problems like cavities, decay, and gum disease! You may even notice whiter teeth after leaving our office without getting a teeth whitening treatment. To learn more about getting a teeth cleaning at our office, visit Dental cleanings.

Dental Fillings

Our dentists provide tooth fillings to seal tooth cavities and prevent reinfection. Fillings can consist of amalgam metal, gold, composite, or porcelain. However, we provide white fillings for our patients because they will easily blend in with natural tooth enamel.

We offer traditional metal fillings for the back molars as they offer more durability for those teeth. To learn about how our dentists can repair your tooth cavity, visit Dental fillings.

Emergency Dentistry

If you require urgent emergency dental care, call our office. We can treat patients with complications after their oral surgery or chronic and sudden toothaches. Our team can also address dental problems like broken fillings or stuck objects between teeth.

Patients need to receive care for dental emergencies before their oral health problems worsen over time. To learn about how we can help you during a dental emergency, visit Emergency dentistry.

Family Dentistry

As a family dental office in Virginia Beach, we serve patients of all ages. We provide general dental care for patients at every stage in their lives. We provide dental fluoride treatment, dental sealants, and routine cleanings for our younger patients.

As patients age, they may require more complex treatments such as root canals or fillings. Our family dental treatments will prevent the spread of tooth decay or cavities. To learn about our family dental care services, visit Family dentistry

Root Canals

We work with your dentist to restore your teeth after a root canal procedure. Your dentist will remove infected dental pulp from the tooth chamber during the root canal procedure. Then, he disinfects the chamber and applies a dental filling.

Root canals clear out tooth decay and keep the tooth structure intact. Additionally, patients can bite, chew, and speak without discomfort or pain after they fully heal. We come in after the treatment to place a dental crown on the tooth. To learn about root canal procedures, visit Root canals.

Sedation Dentistry

Dental sedation is a treatment method that calms and relaxes our patients during their dental procedures. Nitrous oxide, IV sedation, and oral conscious sedation are all common types of sedation that dentists use to calm patients. The advantages of sedation include painless care and quick and efficient treatment.

Furthermore, dental sedation is safe to use. Our dentists always ensure that patients feel comfortable under sedation and receive the correct amount for their age and body type. To learn about your dental sedation options at our office, visit Sedation dentistry.

Tooth Extraction

Our dental extraction treatments remove severely infected, impacted, or overcrowded teeth. Extractions are the best option for patients who need to prevent further damage or pain because of problem teeth. Ultimately, dental extractions restore dental health and comfort to your smile. After our patients heal from an extraction treatment, they can enjoy their lives without discomfort!

We also make sure that patients feel as comfortable as possible during their procedure. To learn about our tooth extraction and wisdom teeth removal procedures, visit Tooth extraction.

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