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Coastal General Dentistry FAQs

Are you a new or current dental patient? Do you want to know about your treatment options in our office? We can help. At Coastal General Dentistry, we value patient education. Dr. Cappy Sinclair and Dr. Mark Reichley want patients to know that they have multiple, proven options to treat their oral health problems.

Learn more about our office, and common dental services with dental FAQs for patients who visit our practice in Virginia Beach, VA. We welcome you to our office and encourage patients to ask us any questions about their oral health care.

FAQs in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Dental FAQs in Virginia Beach, VA

Read the following answers to common dental questions that our patients have for us when they visit our office.

How often should I replace my toothbrush?

Replace your toothbrush head or toothbrush every three to four months. We recommend that patients replace their toothbrushes regularly to prevent bristle wear or bacteria buildup. Over time, harmful bacteria can build up on the toothbrush, spreading bacteria all over the mouth.

The mouth contains good and bad bacteria. Bad bacteria can lead to dental infections, cavities, and gum disease. Additionally, the brush bristles can fray. Fresh bristles provide a more thorough clean.

What do I do if I have a dental emergency?

Please contact our office if you have a sudden dental problem. We treat patients who require urgent care for dental problems like toothaches, broken fillings, and objects stuck in their teeth.

In addition, we ask patients to call us if they have severe pain or excessive bleeding after an extraction or other procedure. We want our patients to receive prompt treatment to prevent further dental issues that can become more complex over time. To learn more about our emergency dental services, see Emergency dentistry.

Is dental care safe if I’m pregnant?

Most general dental care is safe for our pregnant patients. We encourage pregnant patients to continue to visit our office for dental cleanings and oral health screenings.

Sometimes pregnant patients may be more prone to developing problems like gum disease. It is important for pregnant patients to continue to brush and floss twice a day as usual. If you have any current concerns, do not hesitate to call our office.

Are dental fillings and root canals painful?

We ensure that patients feel as comfortable as possible during their root canal and dental filling procedures. Although patients may think these procedures are painful, our office uses anesthesia and sedation. Anesthesia and dental sedation not only calm patients but provide painless care.

Additionally, after we remove dental infections, patients find that they no longer have pain or discomfort because of their infected teeth. Once patients are fully healed from their root canal treatment or filling procedure, they can enjoy everyday life without pain. To learn more about our root canal procedure, see Root canal.

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