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Custom Mouthguards in Virginia Beach, VA

Do you or your child play contact sports? Let us provide you with a new sports mouthguard. Patients who play contact sports like hockey, lacrosse, or football need to wear a sports mouthguard. As a general dental service, our custom sports mouthguards can prevent dental issues like a knocked-out tooth.

Dr. Cappy Sinclair and Dr. Mark Reichley can provide patients with custom mouthguard treatment in Virginia Beach, VA. Properly fitting mouthguards are one of the best ways to prevent dental injuries and tooth loss. We can also provide mouthguards for braces or other oral appliances.

Protecting your braces will keep them in shape and prevent damage to the wires or brackets. Younger patients may require a new mouthguard as they lose their baby teeth and as their permanent teeth emerge.

Custom Sports Mouthguards in Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Benefits of Custom-made Mouthguards

Store-bought mouthguards may seem like a convenient option at first. But boil and bite options are not as effective as customized professionally-made mouthguards. Store-bought mouthguards can easily wear-down over time, and do not provide a custom fit. If your mouthguards do not fit properly, they easily fall out.

As a result, athletes may clench their teeth or jaw to keep these mouthguards in their mouths. Clenching the jaw or teeth may lead to TMJ disorders and jaw pain or damage. Properly-fitting mouthguards allow patients to speak and drink easily.

With custom-made sports mouthguards, patients do not need to think about hanging on to their mouthguards while focusing on the game. You won’t have to bite down on a rigid and uncomfortable piece of plastic as with off-the-shelf mouthguards. This also ensures that the mouthguard won’t rub your gums or the inside of your lips, reducing the risk of bruising and irritation.

Our mouthguards will precisely fit only your mouth. We offer superior protection against injuries, whether you’re playing sports or not. The custom shape and tight fit of the mouthguard keeps your teeth, jaw, and soft tissues safe.

Furthermore, we can control the shape and thickness of custom mouthguards to fit your exact specifications. Each mouthguard fits the sport that our patients play as well as their age. We can provide mouthguards for patients with missing teeth or orthodontics who need extra protection.

The Custom Mouthguard Process in our Virginia Beach Dental Office

To create custom-made sports mouthguards, we will first take digital impressions of your teeth. We will send these scans or impressions to a dental lab, where technicians will create your customized mouthguards. Once the mouthguard is complete, they will send it to us and we will call you back in our office for a fitting. We will make sure that your new mouthguard fits properly in your mouth and is comfortable before you leave.

To clean your mouthguard, you can soak it in a denture or mouthguard cleaner. You may also use warm water and soap to rinse it. Do not use hot water to clean your mouthguard as this can warp the plastic. When your mouthguard is not in use, remember to keep it in your case.

Can I use my custom sports mouthguard for TMJ issues?

Although they may seem similar, mouthguards and night guards have different uses. You should not use your sports mouthguard to help alleviate TMJ pain. A patient with TMJ issues will wear night guards during sleep to help them prevent damage from teeth clenching and grinding.

These hard acrylic oral appliances protect the enamel from further wear and damage. Sports mouthguards protect the front of the tooth enamel from outside forces.

We make our sports mouthguards out of a flexible plastic material that covers the teeth. This material is great for absorbing impact, but will not last long under constant teeth grinding and clenching. Talk to our dentists if you have TMJ issues and would like more information. We can provide oral appliances for temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Schedule a Dental Appointment for a Custom Athletic Mouthguard

Do you need a new sports mouthguard for your child? Call our dental office for custom oral health treatment today at 757-216-9914. You may also request a dental consultation with us on our website. Let our dental team know if you have questions for them at your next visit, and they will be happy to help.